DEPARTMENT: Administration                                     TITLE: Support Services Chef Manager                                  REPORTING TO:    Executive Director


The Support Services Chef Manager oversees the Support Service department which includes kitchen activities, food service and housekeeping.  Performs duties such as planning and auditing menu plans and cooking schedules; preparing, storing and serving menu items; ordering and receiving supplies; and supervising and coaching support services Team Members. Ensures the kitchen, Bistro, and dining areas are kept in a pristine clean condition and that all food safety practices are strictly adhered to by all Team Members. Fosters a positive working relationship with all Team Members.  Abides by all Acts and Regulations to ensure ongoing continued compliance as it relates to all food and housekeeping services. Reports regularly to the Executive Director.

  1. Controls portioning of food items to ensure recipe yield meets assigned quantity standards. Plans, prepares and ensures all Team Members execute all aspects of meals and snacks including therapeutic diets as required, as well as extra cooking and baking for special meals and events.
  2. Organizes food and general supply orders to ensure proper supplies are always on hand to prepare the menu items and perform general housekeeping and laundry services, ensuring adherence to the budget.
  3. Creates and monitors menu plans in consultation with Registered Dietitian as needed and with input from persons-in-care.
  4. Organizes cooking schedule, prepares assigned food items by following established menus, recipes and quantity quotas; determines standardized recipes, ingredients and quantities required.
  5. Develops recipes and cooks and tests food items for palatability and temperature and adjusts accordingly. Ensure adherence to Audits and Mores standards of practice as applicable.
  6. Ensures appropriate textures and consistency of therapeutic diets while ensuring prepared food items are of the best possible quality.
  7. Ensures the standards of food safety such as proper food rotation are adhered to by all Team Members and ensures a pristine clean environment is always maintained. Ensures the safe operation and cleaning of equipment, including grinder, meat slicer, food processor, convection oven, range, mixer, blender, steamer, etc.
  8. Receives, verifies orders and stores supplies. Ensures all incoming orders are correct and of good quality.
  9. Ensure emergency supplies are maintained accordingly and kept up to date.
  10. Maintains the WHMIS program ensuring all information and instructions for products is maintained and accessible for Team Members.
  11. Develops and participates in Team Member education initiatives.
  12. Develops and/or amends shift routines and work procedures as required, ensuring Team Members understand and execute the tasks as expected.
  13. In conjunction with the Executive Director, hires, trains and conducts Team Member performance reviews as required.
  14. Performs manager-on-call and staffing duties as assigned.
  15. Works in conjunction with the Executive Director and other Managers in a team effort to always get the job done.
  16. Serves as the Chair of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and on other committees as requested.
  17. Performs other related duties as required.


Education, Training and Experience

  • Graduation from a recognized program in cooking (Red Seal preferred) or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience
  • Food Safe Certification
  • Management experience in a similar setting
  • Nutritional and Food Service Management Diploma is considered an asset
  • Understands and knows how to implement the required Acts and Regulations

Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrates a positive and caring attitude
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position
  • Ability to organize work
  • Ability to operate related equipment
  • Ability to work as a Team Member and to work effectively with others
  • Demonstrated supervisory skills in a unionized environment
  • Ability to support a respectful workplace
  • Basic computer and keyboarding skills
  • Willingness to abide by all Public Health recommendations or requirements for immunizations including agreeing to an annual influenza vaccination or COVID-19 if recommended
  • Agrees to sign an educational development agreement
  • Produces required and appropriate documentation:
    • certificates/licenses/resumes/skills requirements
    • character references
    • doctor’s note of good health
    • immunization history/tuberculosis screening
    • confidentiality agreement

SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND OTHER COMPETENCIES Specific to the Support Services Chef Manager include:

  • Achievement Oriented: Demonstrates new methods to improve performance through building on past experiences or seeking new ideas in the industry
  • Customer Service Oriented: A desire to help or serve others to meet their needs
  • Information Seeking: Systematic effort over time to obtain needed data or feedback, including research
  • Innovative/Initiative: Generates creative solutions and removes barriers. Takes action to make changes that will improve or enhance job results and avoid problems
  • Analytical Thinking: Ability to recognize likely causal links to events, anticipates obstacles and solves problems effectively
  • Conceptual Thinking: Identifies key issues in complex situations
  • Develops Others: Fosters the development of others through influence, teaching, coaching, and mentoring
  • Flexible: Manages change with the ability to adapt and work effectively with a variety of situations, individuals and groups
  • Interpersonal Understanding and Self-Control: Good listening skills, awareness of others feelings, observant and able to anticipate others’ responses, respects the opinions of others and is tolerant of their point of view, controls own emotions, calms others, and helps others problem solve
  • Teamwork and Cooperation: Exemplary communication skills. Keeps people informed; shares all relevant information, solicits inputs and values the input and expertise of others; willingness to learn from subordinates; encourages and empowers others; promotes friendly climate and good morale
  • Leadership: Taking the lead; directing and delegating responsibilities; inspiring others to commit to goals and objectives; promoting team effort; using authority fairly; taking care of the group – providing necessary supports; translating strategy into actions and leading others to generate results

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