Fraser Health and Public Health have resumed visitation for Residential Care and Assisted Living programs.  Please note the following procedures and inform your visitors of same:

  1. Social visits are intended to support the emotional well-being of the clients and are limited to two adults and one child at a time.  Social visits will only be allowed if there is no active COVID-19 outbreak.
  2. Visits are by appointment only 7days a week between 10 AM and 4 PM.  Visits must be booked in advance by calling the facility at 604-826-2154  X114.
  3. Visitors should arrive 5 minutes before designated time of visit.  Visitors will be screened at the main doors prior to entering the facility and tracked for contact tracing if necessary.  If clients or visitors present with any symptoms, the visit will not proceed.
  4. Visitors perform hand hygiene at the hand washing station located at the front doors prior to entering the facility or the program area.
  5. Visitors and clients must wear medical masks during their visit and are expected to practice hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette (i.e. cough or sneeze into elbows/sleeves and disposing of used tissues properly).
  6. Bringing gifts, food, or any other items is strongly discouraged.  If items are brought by the visitor, they MUST be screened and sanitized at the front door before entry into the building.
  7. Visits are designated to the client’s room ONLY.  Visitors are not permitted to visit with any other client or wander within the facility.
  8. The visitor must perform hand hygiene at the hand washing station located at the front doors when leaving the facility.
  9. If anyone is in violation of the rules the visit will be discontinued promptly

Please note that Pleasant View Campus of Care follows guidelines put forth by Fraser Health, Public Health, and the Assisted Living Registrar.  Policies and procedures are reassessed in accordance with these guidelines and will continue as long as our facility remains COVID-19 free and visits can effectively be managed.